How to Choose Outfits That Make You Feel Beautiful

: Pink, blue, and gold women’s clothing on white hangers in a boutique in Springfield, IL

As a women’s boutique, we know firsthand that oftentimes our outfits reflect how we’re feeling. Sometimes we feel more comfortable in our skin and at other times only a baggy sweatshirt and pair of sweatpants are all we can put together and call fashion. The best part is that that’s okay as long as you […]

We’ve Updated Our Look, Now It’s Time to Transform Yours

Three fall sweaters hanging on a rolling rack with a brown hat hanging on the side of the rack

At E.P. Boutique, there is nothing we love more than giving our incredible customers a new look that they can feel beautiful in. To continue doing this, we felt like we needed a change – so that’s what we did! We are proud to announce that our high-end clothing boutique has changed locations and completely […]

Springfield Illinois: How to Determine Your Color Palette

girl friends shopping together Springfield Illinois

You may have great style and taste in clothing. However, you should also stick to a color palette that matches your skin tone. Determining your skin tone will help you choose clothing in colors that compliment your features. Determining Your Skin Tone To determine your skin tone, look at the veins on the inside of […]

Springfield Illinois: The Top 5 Fashion Authorities

Fashion line-up Springfield Illinois

When it comes to style and fashion in Springfield, IL, many factors influence today’s trends. In fact, there are five fashion authorities that have their say on what’s hot and what’s not. If you love the world of name brand clothing and Project Runway, you likely already know who dictates what’s being worn on the […]

What to Wear For Different Occasions

clothes for every occasion Springfield illinois

What to Wear at…(school/university/job interview/wedding) Different scenarios and special occasions call for different attire in Springfield, IL. If you want to dress comfortably wherever you go, you must know what the dress code is for the different places you visit and the activities that you participate in. That way, you avoid wearing dress clothes to […]

Springfield, Illinois: 5 Must Have Accessories for Your Wardrobe

must have accessories for your wardrobe springfield il

5 Accessories Everyone Should Have in Their Wardrobe A great fashion accessory is iconic. It does the job of transforming your wardrobe into something modern and sleek. It takes ordinary garments and elevates them so that they look and feel high-end. That’s why shopping for accessories is as important if not more so than buying […]

What to pack for a weekend getaway?

weekend getaway springfield illinois

Weekend getaways are a lot of fun because you can try new things and enjoy the places you’ve been to before. Packing your clothing for the weekend getaway can be a challenge because you have to take your destination’s weather into account. There are various ways that you can handle the packing duties, whether you […]

Springfield, Illinois: Organizing Your Wardrobe

organizing your wardrobe springfield illinois

Organizing Your Wardrobe You don’t need to be a Marie Kondo fanatic to benefit from organizing your wardrobe. It’s not as important for your clothing to “spark joy” as it is to be able to find what you already own, mix and match it with other pieces in your closet, and to let go of […]

Springfield, Illinois: The Wardrobe Essentials

wardrobe essentials in springfield illinois

5 Wardrobe Essentials The clothing that you wear says a lot about you as a person. It gives other people an idea of what you’re about, the type of personality that you have, and the things that interest you most. You don’t need to be a fan of high fashion to know the importance of […]