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How to Choose Outfits That Make You Feel Beautiful

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As a women’s boutique, we know firsthand that oftentimes our outfits reflect how we’re feeling. Sometimes we feel more comfortable in our skin and at other times only a baggy sweatshirt and pair of sweatpants are all we can put together and call fashion. The best part is that that’s okay as long as you have a selection of outfits that make you feel beautiful when you are wanting to wear something high-end and unique. If you’re having a hard time finding these types of outfits in your wardrobe, don’t worry! E.P. Boutique in Springfield, Illinois is here to help you find gorgeous outfits that make you feel and look your absolute best. Keep reading below for tips on how to choose outfits that make you feel beautiful.

Choose Your Statement Piece

This is one of the most important pieces of advice that we can give you! Every single outfit you wear (yes, even your sweatpants and t-shirts!) should have a statement piece. This can either be a bold-colored top, stylish shoe print, oversized earrings, or just something that pulls your entire outfit together!

By choosing your statement piece before anything else, you’ve now created a direction for your outfit to go in, making it much easier to find matching bottoms and layering pieces. At E.P. Boutique, we have an endless amount of statement pieces that can be paired with a variety of our muted tones and designs to create the perfect outfit for you!

Woman in a cream-colored fur coat shopping through women’s boutique clothing on wooden hangersPick Something Out of Your Comfort Zone

This may be a challenge for many of us, but it’s so important that you at least try to pick something out of your comfort zone that you would never try on! Even if you still hate it when you see it on, the act of picking a daring jacket or bold pant print can open your mind to trying new things that you may end up loving.

Never tell yourself “I could never pull off this look”, instead, hype yourself up about why you would look amazing in that purple striped t-shirt or animal printed trousers!

Choose Colors & Patterns That You Love

Every woman has a sense of style that is vastly unique, however, I’m sure every one of you could tell us exactly what types of colors and patterns are your go-to when shopping. One of the easiest tips to give women shopping at their local boutiques is to choose colors and patterns that they love – and ones that they don’t think they can pull off. Picking a color or pattern to build an outfit off is a great way to not only pick matching pieces that pull the entire outfit together, but it allows you to have a more focused eye on what works and what doesn’t. At E.P. Boutique, we carry everything from pastel sweaters to intricate and bold designs to satisfy every one of our customer’s tastes.

A pink sweater with a pink purse accessory, blue high-heeled shoes, lipstick, and other boutique accessoriesAdd an Accessory & Lip Color

Last but not least, top your outfit off with a fun accessory and bold lip color! If you’re not much of a lipstick connoisseur or rarely wear makeup, don’t worry! Your accessories can be enough to spice up any one of your boutique outfits. Earring, a chunky necklace, and even a fun colored purse can be enough to turn any simple outfit into a high-end fashion statement. What are you waiting for? Stop into E.P. Boutique in Springfield, Illinois today for everything you need to create the perfect outfit that makes you feel beautiful.