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Springfield Illinois: How to Determine Your Color Palette

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You may have great style and taste in clothing. However, you should also stick to a color palette that matches your skin tone. Determining your skin tone will help you choose clothing in colors that compliment your features.

Determining Your Skin Tone

skin tones springfield illinoisTo determine your skin tone, look at the veins on the inside of your forearm in bright light. If they appear blueish, your skin tone is cool. Green or yellow veins indicate warm skin tone.

Warm, cool and neutral skin tones also have undertones:

    • Warm undertones include peach, yellow and golden.
    • Cool undertones are pink or bluish.
    • Neutral undertones indicate your skin and undertones match closely.

Best Color Palette for Warm Skin Tone

Famous celebrities with warm skin tones include Jessica Alba, Claire Danes, and Beyoncé. Stick to natural colors such as: Peach, red, coral, amber, orange, yellow and gold that fall on the warm side of the color wheel. You can also choose “warmer” shades of cool colors, including moss, olive and violet-red. Neutrals that suit you include cappuccino, cream, taupe and gray. Avoid icy blues and jewel tones that can wash you out.

beautiful woman with blue shades and a blue outfit Springfield IllinoisBest Color Palette for Cool Skin Tone

For those with cool skin, you stand on the same side of the color wheel as Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, Lupita Nyong’o and Mindy Kaling. Your best colors are inspired by both ocean and wintry splendor. Emeralds, bright blues and deep purples complement your warm tones. You’ll also look fabulous in frosty shades, such as ice blue, lavender or pink. Turn to bright rosy red, ruby or very pale yellows. Avoid tomato red, orange and strong yellows, which clash with your skin tone.

Colors that Work for Any Skin Tone

Still confused? Here are a few colors that look great on every skin type: light pink, dark aqua, bright red and deep purple. In general, light skin is complemented by dark clothing; medium skin looks great against primary colors and dark skin looks lovely with lighter colors.

What about Neutral Skin Tones?

If your skin tone is neutral, off-whites, mid-range grays, coffee and black suit you. Avoid intense colors like magenta and electric blue, which can leave you looking washed out. But, there’s an exception. You’ll probably look fabulous in a bright, true red.

It never hurts to visit a stylist or make-up professional to help you determine your skin tone and ideal color palette. In addition, consult with your local clothing shop to help you identify the best color scheme outfits that go well with your skin tone.  That way, the next time you go shopping, you can go in confidence and concentrate on your personal style.