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Springfield, Illinois: Organizing Your Wardrobe

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organized closet springfield illinoisOrganizing Your Wardrobe

You don’t need to be a Marie Kondo fanatic to benefit from organizing your wardrobe. It’s not as important for your clothing to “spark joy” as it is to be able to find what you already own, mix and match it with other pieces in your closet, and to let go of what no longer serves you. If the apparel and accessories are items that you enjoy immensely, it’s a bonus. The organized closet is the real winner here.

Organization Tips That Take Little Time and Effort

organize your clothes by type springfield illinoisIt doesn’t matter if your closet is small or large. It could benefit from a little TLC. By giving your closet the attention that it deserves, you’re able to uncover an assortment of outfits that you likely forgot about because of their placement in your closet.

Some tips from the professionals that will help you organize your wardrobe are:

  • Hang like items together. Group slacks with other pants. Keep shirts together and hang them by sleeve length. Short-sleeved shirts have their place on the clothing rod while long-sleeved shirts remain together behind them.
  • Organize by color. It’s far easier to mix and match clothing items when you have them sorted by the color that is the most prominent in them. Again, if you hang like items together, you can further organize them by length as well as color. Short-sleeved black shirts go together while longer, maxi-style skirts that are blue hang in the same location inside the closet to make picking out clothes fast and easy.
  • Repair what needs fixing. If you’re avoiding wearing clothing because it needs mending, take care of repairs right away. That way, the apparel isn’t taking up valuable real estate inside your closet. Sew on buttons, apply patches, and do whatever it takes to make the clothing wearable once again. Place the mended items into their respective places on the clothing rod.

Wardrobe organization frees up closet space for you to use for things that you’d rather wear than hideaway. It allows you to set up a system for clothing care, too. You’re able to group clothing that needs to go to the dry cleaner in one central area and the items that need to be hand-washed in another. You’ll then be able to keep your favorite wardrobe pieces looking good for the long haul.

The Advantages of Having an Organized Wardrobe

Organizing your wardrobe has its advantages. It allows you to see what you have on hand and what no longer fits or flatters. You’re then able to sell or give away what you no longer wear to make room for things that you love putting on and wearing around Springfield, Illinois.