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Springfield Illinois: The Top 5 Fashion Authorities

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Fashion line-up Springfield Illinois

When it comes to style and fashion in Springfield, IL, many factors influence today’s trends. In fact, there are five fashion authorities that have their say on what’s hot and what’s not. If you love the world of name brand clothing and Project Runway, you likely already know who dictates what’s being worn on the street and the Red Carpet.

There are five fashion authorities that influence what is being sold, worn, talked about, and elevated in today’s world of fashion. Knowing something about each helps you create your own sense of style. You’ll have an authority to reference when you put together a buzz-worthy look that everyone can’t help but notice.

The top five fashion authorities include:

Fashion Designer Springfield IllinoisFashion Designers

The people in the industry who are responsible for designing garments clearly have a say in what styles come and go. They are among the biggest influences on fashion of today. When it comes to debuting their new collections on the runway or in stores, there is a lot of build-up leading to the launch. People are mesmerized by the pure genius that comes out of some of the top designers in the country’s minds.

Clothing Brands

The buyers at big-name clothing brands decide which garments to add to their retail locations, making fashion accessible to the public. Without their knowledge and skills, few clothing brands would be household names. A buyer has a lot of pull in what you can find to buy at your favorite retailers.

The Textile Industry

Without textiles, there would be no clothing. The textile industry creates fabrics with texture, color, pattern, and movement so that the fashion designers have clothing to create and clothing brands have something to stock their stores with. The people who design textiles are every bit as creative as the clothing designers themselves. They know what constitutes a beautiful garment as well as create material that gets transformed into today’s top fashion trends.

Fashion Magazines

Akin to fashion buyers, fashion magazines share new trends with the public. Through a careful eye, they curate looks and tell stories with the photographs they take. Fashion magazines create a demand for new fashion.

Fashion blog Springfield IllinoisFashion Bloggers and Influences

These individuals have amassed a following through their love for fashion. They provide more of a story than fashion magazines do through the frequency of their content. They also may design clothing themselves or even run independent fashion-related media of their own.

Fashion tips await you online and in-person. You may feel inspired by the street fashion you see in major cities or by an editorial you see in your favorite fashion magazine. The top influences you follow on Instagram may have some styling tips that you can’t wait to try out or the textile stores could have that one piece of fabric that launches your own career as a fashion designer. Whatever the case may be, you have plenty of resources to tap into and explore.