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What to Wear For Different Occasions

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What to Wear at…(school/university/job interview/wedding)

Different scenarios and special occasions call for different attire in Springfield, IL. If you want to dress comfortably wherever you go, you must know what the dress code is for the different places you visit and the activities that you participate in. That way, you avoid wearing dress clothes to a casual event or casual wear to that lifechanging job interview you have scheduled.

To better prepare for all the possible places and occasions you may find yourself in, we’ve created a short guide to help you dress better. Use it anytime you find yourself questioning your choices and trying to decide between formal wear and casual wear.

interview clothes for women in springfield illinoisWhat You Should Wear to School/University

Unless you’re taking part in a formal event at the community college or university that you’re attending, the hard fast rule is that you’re comfortable. Wearing clothes that allow you to move around in them freely and sit without restriction during a lecture is ideal. The main thing to remember is that your clothes represent you, so keep them clean and wrinkle-free.

What You Should Wear to a Job Interview

Doing your research to see what type of working environment the company keeps is essential. It helps you make your decision about wearing formal wear or casual wear easier. Even if the company is more relaxed in its dress code, you should choose to wear an outfit that communicates professionalism to the interviewer. It’s no place for jeans and t-shirts, even if a company deems them appropriate office attire.

What You Should Wear to a Weddingformal wear for weddings in springfield illinois

What you wear depends mainly on the role you have in the wedding. If you’re part of the wedding party, your clothes will naturally be more formal. If you’re a guest, they may be more casual, but they should still be a step up from what you wear daily. Special occasions call for something new and exciting to add to your wardrobe.

Put Your Best Foot Forward with the Right Type of Attire

It’s ideal to put your best foot forward wherever you go. If you feel more like yourself in dress clothes than you do in casual clothes, by all means, dress in the most authentic way possible. If you’re more interested in being comfortable and that equates to yoga pants or athletic wear most days, you’re going to need some extra guidance when it comes time to attend a job interview or wedding.