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What to pack for a weekend getaway?

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Weekend getaways are a lot of fun because you can try new things and enjoy the places you’ve been to before. Packing your clothing for the weekend getaway can be a challenge because you have to take your destination’s weather into account. There are various ways that you can handle the packing duties, whether you are going to Springfield, IL or trying to get out of the city.

Casual Wear for the Day

casual wear springfield illinoisIf your weekend getaway consists of sightseeing, pack comfortable clothing for those outings. Checking the weather forecast can help you to determine what types of clothing you will need. If any of your outings will occur at night, bringing at least a light jacket is a good idea because night air is sometimes a bit cooler since the sun isn’t glaring down on you.

Dressy Attire for Special Outings

Going out to dinner at a more beautiful restaurant will require you to have more fashionable clothing than what you wore to go sightseeing. Slacks and a nice shirt for men or a simple dress for women will likely suffice. Don’t forget to pack matching shoes and accessories for a put-together look. Traveling for a special event means that you need to check the attire requirements, so you know what type of clothing to bring.

General Tips

daytime outfits springfield ilIf you leave on Friday evening and come home Sunday evening, you need to bring three daytime outfits. These outfits are for each day plus an extra in case one gets dirty. You also need one to two evening outfits, depending on what you plan on doing. If you are going to stay at the hotel or dine somewhere simple on Friday night, one evening outfit should suffice.

Don’t forget to pack undergarments and any necessary toiletries. If you wear makeup, be sure you bring that. Add medications to your luggage. If you are flying to your destination, try to fit everything in your carry-on bag so that you aren’t wasting part of your trip at the baggage claim.

Some hotels and resorts have swimming pools and hot tubs. It is a good idea to bring your swim attire just in case, even if you don’t think you will venture to those areas. Swimsuits don’t take up a lot of space, but trying to find one in some destinations, especially during winter, can be challenging.